Activities after snack time

Activieties after snack time

To meet the parents’ and the children’s expectations, we organize extra classes which reflect the children’s interests.


Children’s training consists of games and aikido elements aimed at the child’s development.

Dancing classes

Dancing classes help to develop musical inteligence, coordination and fitness. The childrenlearn basic moves nad choreography. During various performances they are provided with an opportunity to overcome their shyness and stage fright, and present their newly-learnt skills.

Drama classes

Drama classes allow the children to develop imagination, sensitivity, discipline and involvement. The children become aware of their own body in realtion to the surrounding world and to others. They learn how to listen and respond, to communicate and spontaneously get to know other, people, plus the characters that they play. But above all, thanks to these classes the children come to understand themselves and their abilities, which in turn, boosts their self-confidece.

Sports classes

Sports classes develop motor skills, coordination, sense of direction, concetration as well as perseverance and discipline. Various sporting activieties and games are also aindispensable for learning social skills, such as communication and working as a team, and also independence.

Arts and Crafts

Arts Crafts boosts childre’s imagination, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and hand dexterity, which is extremely important in the process of learning how to write. During pottery classes children have the chance to work with clay, moulding it into different forms. The pottery is then fired in a special furnace, and glazed by children afterwards. These little works of art are extremely fun to do and can be taken home or given to friends or family as a gift.


During Zumba classes, children learn to coordinate and balance. It shapes and develops creativity, discipline and memory.