A few words about Our Preschool

The preschool was founded in 2002 and it was one of the first bilingual preschools in Warsaw. Our mission is to prepare children for life in the modern world and to able to furher their education in either a Polish or an English speaking school.

  • The children learn English in a natural way through the Immersion Method
  • We offer every child a sense of security, while respecting their individuaal needs
  • Our priorities are nourishing independence, creativity and self-confidence

This gives your children an advantage at the start!

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Activieties after snack time 😉


Training for kids consists of games and judo elements aimed at children’s development.

Ballet class

Ballet class has so many benefits for children.It helps them with physical and mental zone and it perfectly teaches the habit of correct posture.

Sport class

A great form of activity. It perfectly discharges inexhaustible energy. Sport class develops  motor skills, coordination, sense of direction, concentration ,perseverance and discipline.  Kids develop  a sense of  belonging to a group,  spatial orientation, coordination of movements and the ability to concentrate and react quickly.Through sport, children learn independence, discipline and teamwork.

Experiencing through programming

Supports the motivation of children to be interested in science, using the rapid development of new technologies. It teaches logical thinking and creativity.

Spanish class

Creative learning through activity and fun. A great opportunity to learn a new language and deepen your language skills from an early age.


Chess classes  develop not only the intellectual sphere, but also the character of the child.

Little Engineer

Children get to know the world of electrical engineering. It is a practical and inspiring workshop, a mixture of fun and education.

Dance classes

Dance classes give children a sense of rhythm, hearing and smoothness of movements. They also perfectly affect the physical coordination. Dance classes help to develop musical intelligence, coordination and fitness.


During Acrobatics , children learn to coordinate and balance. It shapes and develops creativity, discipline and memory. It helps them to strenghtem their muscles and correct posture. Movement coordination and spatial orientation are also improved.

Lego robotics

Activities that enable children to build, discover and understand the world around them, developing skills such as communication, collaboration and creative thinking.



An innovative math program. It helps children to understand math and enjoy learning.


Ceramic class

These activities stimulate creative artistic expression and stimulate children’s imagination.




French class

Creative way to learn an additional language with games, songs, games and rhymes. Children get to know the world of the French language with all their senses: they listen, see things, touch them, smell them, taste them.


Sport with many benefits for health and physical development and excellent form of spending free time with your family or friends.

How we learn and play in our Preschool

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