How we teach?

Small children learn through play and observation. They love repeating and playing out different roles. This is why our educational classes run concurrently with fun activities, where children can use what they have learned about the surrounding world.

Older children discover the world through experimenting and exploring, both individually and in groups. Thanks to joint projects, they learn how to cooperate ang negotiate, make plans and take decisions, which in turn prepares them for attending both Polish and English speaking schools.

Our educational programme is based on monthly Themes.

Every classroom has a Learning Centre, where the children, supervised by the teachers, learn, practise and experiment. They work indyvidually and in groups. The class Themes are connected to current calendar events.

Nasi nauczyciele używają następujących metod:

The Good Start Method by Marta Bogdanowicz

The Good Start Method can be used at school as well as at home during playtimes. It is excellent for preparig a child to learn how to read and write at preschool. The method utilises multiple senses, such as sight, hearing nd body coordination. Furhrmore, various parts of the method can implemented individually or as a whole.


The method by Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska, introduces the children to the world of mathematics.

Developmental Method

by Veronica Sherborne

Brain Gym

Educational kinesiology created by Paul Dennison, which improves concetration.

Speech therapy activieties

Activieties preventing speech impediments run by the preschool’s speech therapist.

Fine motor activieties

a method by Prof. Hana Tymichowa, which develops fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. This facilitates teaching how to write.

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