Polish Language Eduction

Polish Language Eduction

The youngest group of two-year-old children learn Polish through play and fun activieties such as art, music and sports classes, as well as classes developing their vocal organs. The classes are based on Monthly Themes set for the whole year.

The three and four-year-old children use an educational programme designed by Wiesława Żaba-Żabińska. Other programmes used for these age groups include glottodidactics, a Maths programme by Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska and fine motor activieties by Hana Tymichowa.

The five and six-year -old children are prepared for school by teachers using programmes designed by Małgorzata Kwaśniewska, Wiesłąwa Żaba-Żabińska and a programme called ” Our Preschool”. The teachers focus on reading, writing and arithmetic skills through use of the developmental and educational kinesiology methods written by Veronica Sherborne and by Paul Dennison respectively.

How we achieve our aims?

At Buzzy Bee Preschool we have excellent, well-qualified polish and English speaking teachers. They eagerly develop their skills and employ various educational methods. They are enthusiastic and open to our childre’s needs.

Thanks to an individual approach, close cooperation with teaching specialists and the parents, the children’s development is quick and comprehensive at the most important stage of their life. Intensive development, stimulated in a professional and wise manner, determines educational succes during further stages of life.

All children participate in professionally designed physical activities and activieties which stimulate their vocal organs.

The preschool employs a child psychologist and speach therapist, who meet with children twice a year and, if necessary, oraganize individual classes for them. All children participate in professionally designed physical activities and acivities which stimulate thei vocal organs.

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